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Monday 10/6/2013
Name: William Hope
How you found the site: Google search for Scarlet Fantastic
How you found the site: Google search for Scarlet Fantastic
Comments: I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what an outstanding record "24hrs" was and is. Listening to it again today, the calibre of the songs still stands out now as it did in the 80s; beautifully structured, diverse in terms of approach, and killer choruses. Proper, thoughtful songwriting. And the lyrics... can there be a more sensuous couplet than the "Suddenly, I'm in bloom..." lyric in "Silver Bullet" (sung like that too...). It's rare to find an album with such a resonant sense of joie de vivre. In the intervening years, although I've evolved from a student into a university lecturer in Italian language and cinema, this record has been an intermittent soundtrack to my adult years, and, I imagine, to many others too. I think it's important to take time out to thank the people who created it, and I hope it won't be seven years before the next guestbook entry. Much love and respect to Maggie and Rick.
Favourite Track : Film Star Kiss/No Memory/Silver Bullet

Friday 8/2/2013
Name: Phil Innamorati
Reffered by: Search on Rick P Jones
Your Comments: Swans Way weren't my scene but loved SF.
got to know Rick in mid 90's, through my best mate & awesome aweman, Ritchie Porter.
Rick formed another band with Ritchie & his [Ritchie's] sister and they were funktastic!
lost touch with Ritchie but know that Rick married his [Ritchie's] sister, where are they now...
Favourite Track : No Memory

Tuesday 14/3/2006
Name: Chris Payne
Reffered by: Google
Comments : Saw Maggie on Never mind the Buzzcocks last night and the memories came
flooding back…wow those legs go on forever, you’ve still got it girl! I
downloaded NO Memories and played it many many times, cant wait for sunny
days blasting it out in my MX5 with the top down and a smile on my face.

Favourite Track : No Memory

Saturday 19/11/2005 at 16:06
Name : Richard Leach (peppermintpig)
Reffered by: Google

Comments : They were a great band - they really glammed up TOTP in 1987! And yet what goes around comes around - we now have Goldfrapp, who are surely (at least in image and artistic direction) the 90's version of Scarlet Fantastic.
Favourite Track : No Memory

Wednesday, 14/1/2004 at 12:25
Name: John Bramley
Reffered by: ?

Just to let you know that I have received the CDs and have I stopped playing them since, I think not!!! Both CDs are brill and both seem to fit the bill as a natural follow on from the 24 hours album, the CD packaging has also been lovingly put together (the footnotes an especially nice touch) so well done to whoever did this. The stand out tracks for me across the CDs are Show Me No Mercy (Dave Ford mix is very good too), Stranger In Your Mirror, Back In Your Arms and Brother but the two tracks I have absolutely fallen in love with are No Return (see where the Eurythmics comparison comes from with this track) and The Heavens are for Wonder both songs have so much atmosphere.
Favourite Track: No Memory

Wednesday, 15.10/2003 at 23.13
Name: Christopher Bentley
ments:Dear SF, Yesterday morning, in a nearby town, I had a bit of time to kill so I wandered into the nearest charity shop to indulge in a favourite pastime of mine - searching for bargain vinyl. One of the records I bought (for 25p!) was the 7" 45, 'Soul Train', by Swans Way. I must admit, (and I hope this doesn't horrify die-hard fans too unduly!), that I had no idea how it went at the time I picked it up, which I did mainly because of the title and the fact that I'm somewhat of a Soul aficianado and it was only on returning home for lunch that I actually found out how it did in fact go and the tune was a familiar one and in fact quite a presentable one. Doing a bit of research on the Web on the record (searching in Google under "Swans Way" + "Soul Train") I have come by the Scarlet Fantastic site and I thought I'd just say what a discovery this has been for a Mod Revival of '79/Soul Boy type like me - a bit after 'my period' if anything, but a change of scenery is nice. I obviously can't talk about 'fave records' at this stage, so I'll pass on that part of the feedback, if you don't mind. One of my all-time faves is The Maisonettes' 'Heartache Avenue'. Since both groups were from the same neck of the woods and followed a similar sort of vein I'd like some feedback, if possible, on how much they physically had to do with each other. Thanks, in anticipation, for the assistance. Yours, Christopher Bentley.

Thursday, 3/7/2003 at 11:11
Name: Veronica
Reffered by: Yahoo
Comments:hello wow 24 hrs was THE best soundtrack to working in Greece in the early 90s and NM video made me want black curly hair and a blue dress and please if theres ever a cd released put all those excellent mixes and Plug Me In onto it and do it very soon please!!!!!!!!
Favourite Track: No Memory

Sunday, 29/6/2003 at 14.46
Name: Anderson
Reffered by: top 40 archive site
Comments: Memories of Video Jukebox in the Crowborough Cross Pub. Hundreds of thrusting young soldiers (myself included) watching/listening to No Memory. The video very memorable for trooping the Colour footage as we were all young Guardsmen at the time. Just had the might of the British army searching it's record collections to find out the name of the Band/track as memmory fades. Thanks for the memories....... A not so youthful Coldstream Guardsman
Favourite Track: No Memory

Tuesday, 6/6/2003 at 13:58
Name: Jon
Reffered by: Just surfed on in
Comments: Why I never found this site before god knows. Have loved Swans Way since my early teens and the original vinyl is prized whilst so much has been thrown away. Best album ever, still sounds fresh today, was there ever a CD? Best wishes to all the members of the band, Soul Train still ranks as my Number One record, sends a chill down my back when I here those chords.
Favourite Track: Soul train

Tuesday, 21/1/2003 at 09:55
Name: Chris Williams
Reffered by: Search engine/
Comments: Just rediscovered Scarlet Fantastic after seeing them on TOTP2. No Memory - what a fantastic record. I down loaded it from the site and it's on all the time! Any chance it could be shown with the TOTP footage or the video? It's incredible that it didn't achieve more success than it did when you think of the rubbish talentless crap that is offered as music today. Where is Rick now ? Looking for another sunset..........Chris xxx
Favourite Trackt: No Memory

Thursday, 16/01/2003 at 10.56
Name: David Walsh
Comments: Folks Just want to say No Memories is one of my all time fave tunes! Really really love hearing it over and over again!

Thursday, 16/01/2003 at 02:58
Name: Bruce Crichton
Referred Just surfed on in...
Searcher: www.yahoo.com
Comments: Just saw Scralet Fantastic on TOTP2 on Tuesday 14th of January. Brought back memories of a great song. I hope their album gets re-released on cd soon.
Favourite Track: No Memory

Wednesday, 15/01/2003 at 12.56
Name Jam Tod
Comments: Hi maggie hope you read this saw you on totp2 tonight brought back happy memories about feb march 1984 buying first house no money to buy t.v. only entertainment transistor radio. turned it on music stands out "soul train swansway"
Favourite Track: Soul Train

Name: Bob Fank
Referred: Just surfed on in...
Favourite Track: No Memory

Friday, 10/01/2003 at 15:03
Name: Brian Leitch
Comments: Trying to get a copy of No Memory for a 40th Birthday Party - one of the best tracksof the 80's
Favourite Track: No Memory

Friday, 20/9/2002 at 06:37
Name: Chris Robinson

Referred: Link from another site
Searcher: google
Comments: No memory, ive been looking for it in shops for about five years and here it is, thanks....
Favourite Track: No Memory

Wednesday, 21/8/2002 at 15:15
Name: Marc
Reffered: Google
Comments: Totally underestimated duo since their 1st tv performance on the "TUBE" as an unsigned act. Thank god Arista took the chance. 24 hours is an absolute masterpiece! Just a note for discographers....the cassette had a whole side of remixes on the "B" side of it
Favourite Track: They are all Great!!

Sunday, 14/8/2002 at 16:19
Name: Rod
Referred: Google
Comments: Great site, keeps S.F. alive for all us fans.Sadly underappreciated but still tops for we who love Maggie.When will the record co. rerelease 24 hours??? My tape is shot! SF: gone but never,ever forgotten.
Favourite Track: Rhythm of Resistance

Monday, 24/6/2002 at 18:38
Name: Sheena
Referred: Google
Comments: "no memories" - one of my fave tracks from the 80's - it gets a lot of air play on "Sun 80's FM" - but I couldn't remember the Artist - had to get info from the Radio Station. Loved it then, still love it now.......... might even watch that flick to see do I recognise the singer...
Favourite Track: No Memory

Thursday, 14/3/ 2002 at 17:38
Name: star warrior
Reffered : Invitation
Comments: Scarlet Fantastic rock. How long until a cd is out? No Memory one of the greatest singles of all time.
Favourite Track: Follow That Star

Thursday 28/2/2002 at 13.34 Name: Daniel Aylward
Reffered By: Google
Comments: I was told about this site by Maggie herself. I was very interested about this site becuase Maggie is my auntie. I am seventeen and i think that it is a great site I was very impressed with it. i havnt really listened to any of her later stuff but I really like her new tracks. thanx..
Favourite Track:No Memory

Monday 11/2/2002 at 2.33
Name: Darius Referred BySearch engine
Comments: "No Memory", deluxe pop for freedom-seeking anarchists. Best record ever made. No contest. Scarlet Fantastic made childhood seem like something one should never outgrow. How could anybody resist them? Strangest Maggie sighting: In a UB40 video Second favourite track: Silver Bullet
Favourite Track: No Memory

Sunday, 4/11/ 2001 at 23:28
Name: moog
email: mooguspodeius@aol.com
Referred ByJust surfed on in...
Searcher: google
Comments: no memory is one of those totally timeless tunes the sound is very eighties and the lyrics tend to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
Favourite Track:No Memory

Monday, 15/10/2001 at 04:48
Name: Steve
Referred By:Just surfed on in...
Comments: just a note to say hi, and that I recently had the pleasure of listening to the brilliant 'show me no mercy' by scarlet fantastic (this song is unreleased and was recorded in 1993 with Stock and Waterman)....it is very dancy and has the best chorus. track this song down people!!!
Favourite Track: They are all Great!!

Wednesday, 03/10/2001 at 15:43
Name: Baz Bradley
Referred By: askjeeves
Comments: At last the truth will out Scarlet Fantastic kicked ass ! Have got the red viynl 7" of no memory + all singles etc and even remember the roxy performance that was edited !!!!!!!!!!!!!! before there time...... first heard no memory on no limits i think ..man just crank those tunes........ keep it up.
Favourite Track: Follow That Star

Friday, 31/08/2001 at 21:18
Name: Claudio
Referred By: Just surfed on in...
Comments: Just popping back to see how the page has grown. By the way, the "Plug Me In" track on the CD is that same as the "Silver Surfer Mix". I spent years looking for that mix and when I found it it turned out I had it all the time on the CD! Oh well... Also glad to see I'm not the only one who got inspired to travel the world by "No Memory". Also, ride a motorbike thanks to that little ditty. :-) Now, how do I find out the name of Maggie's new club so my band can come over and play there?
Favourite Track: Hang On...

Friday, 27/07/2001 at 22:18
Name: Rick J Peat
Referred By: Search engine (
Comments: I have never heard Scarlet Fantastic but I know about them as one of my favourite bands from the 80's was the one they were in before SC which was 'Swans Way'. I have all the releases from that band, which was jazz, Rick played the double bass and Maggie played percussion and did backing vocals. I am happy to trade tapes. (Best of Swans Way is out on CD, which is basically their only album plus extra tracks).When the Wild Calls was a Swans Way single.
Favourite Track: When the Wild Calls

Sunday, 15/07/2001 at 22:52
Referred By: Just surfed on in...
Comments: 13 years ago 'no memory' inspired me to go around the world solo. I still remember.
Favourite Track: No Memory

Wednesday, 27/06/2001 at 13:34
Name: John & Joanne
Comments: Hi folks, are there any videos to be had?, old TOTP video would do, any help gratefully recieved, Many Thanks
Favourite Track: Belle Rose

Sunday, 24/6/2001 at 13:07
Name: Jon Bramley

Referred By: msn
Comments: Its me again, in the shock of finding this site I was wandering did anyone check out Maggis and Rick in their post Scarlet band "Sly and the Lovechild". To my knowledge 3 12"/CD singles came out on the Citybeat label. These songs are dancier than Scarlet stuff but still unmistakingly Maggie and Rick. The best of the 3 singles was "Spirit Of Destiny", they were released 1992/93ish, still don't know what happened to Maddie and Rick after this though. Hope this helps. Cheers.
Favourite Track: Silver Bullet

Thanks Jon - Done some research and have added a Sly & Lovechild section as a result 29.6.01

Finally got the official word, Sly & the Lovechild are nothing to do with SF whatsoever (section removed 13.10.01)

Friday 22/06/2001 at 18:37
Name: Alan
Referred By Link from another site
Comments: Wow, how nice to see such a great site to one of the worlds most underrated bands. I remember seeing them live and they were PHENOMENAL ! Thanks for the enlightening discography. I never knew "24 Hours" came out on CD so that's a must to track down.
Favourite Track:
Film Star Kiss

Wednesday 06/20/2001
Name: Jon Bramley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Referred By: msn
Comments: Absolutely marvellous I have finally stumbled (I have done a lot of searching) to a page dedicated to THE most criminally ignored band ever. 24 Hours was the first CD I ever purchased and it has never been off my player since. Do you know why Plug Me In only appeared on CD and in a remix form, not the original. Also I have all the items listed in your discography but with the exception of No Memory I haven't seen any of the vids for the singles, do you know if these ever became available via promo videos. ...lastly I still believe that Stay should have been a top 10 smash and that Silver Bullet should have come out as a single instead of Plug Me In Cheers Jon PS What are Maggie and Rick up to now?
Favourite Track: Silver Bullet

Monday 01/29/2001 11:31:07am
Name: John Smith
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Peterlee, Co Durham, England
Comments: nice n friendly, Very helpful Keep the moon in ur eyes

Thursday 01/25/2001 6:10:38pm
Name: John Scott
Referred By: Search Engine Location:
Comments: I LOVE Scarlet Fantastic and am so glad to see a page on them. I recently had my vinyl burned on to a cd but I see on your page that there really was an official release???? PLEASE give the details. What label, where can I find this, etc. It would be greatly appreciated. I have on vinyl the full album and assorted 12" realeases of No Memory, Film Star Kiss and Plug Me In (red vinyl). I even found a recent remix a couple of years ago of No Memory that I hadn't seen before. Keep up the goodwork and I look forward to seeing VIDEO! WOW! Cheers, John

Monday 11/27/2000 6:09:41pm
Name: Will
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Sweden
Comments: I LOVE Scarlet Fantastics album "24 hrs"!!!! I bought it ten years ago and loved "No Memory" and "Film Star Kiss". Now I´ve rediscovered the entire record and it´s totally good thru and thru! Very underrated. I love their longing to get away from the dreary grey life to stronger feelings, freedom, easy living and natures´ beauty. I can really identify with it now as something good, not as a weakness. It´s not so bad to escape and leave it all behind. It´s bold and adventuresome to try something completely new! They´re very romantic and Byronic. It was probably deemed uncool by people then. Oh, well. Wonder what happened to Maggie and Rick... *Love*

Tuesday 11/21/2000 5:23:33pm
Name: Russ
Homepage Title: Alternative DJ page
Referred By: Net Search
Location: London/Vancouver
Comments: It's wonderful to see a site on a great band that almost seems to have disappeared from the world's collective memory. Keep the dream alive...

Monday 10/23/2000 1:35:06am
Name: andrew
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Uk
Comments: I discovered the song in'88 and had a crush on Maggie in her thighboots....Wow!

Saturday 07/29/2000 0:19:31am
Name: claudio
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Santa Cruz, California at the moment... Comments: Keep up the good work Smilster! Just checking in to see what you've added lately. I really wish more info would surface about what Maggie and Rick are doing now. Their album is still one of my all time faves. Hang on to that inspiration!

Thursday 07/20/2000 1:54:56am
Name: Luciano Alvarez
E-Mail: its on my website
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Spain
Comments: AT LAST! I ve been YEARS waiting for this to happen. Its been a long time waiting for someone to make a web site dedicated to them. May be it sounds boring to say this but for me "no memory " was THE PERFECT song. Unfortunaly I only own the 12" but i still trying to get the other singles or the album. Since i heard the first single by SF in the 80s i had the Scarlet fantastic mistery on my mind and never heard or found any other record of them, so for many years it was like being the only person who knew about them. So now because of your great work i can listen at least other songs, right now downloading them. Signing guestbooks is always a little bit boring but this time i had to do it because it was a lot emotion finding your page. thanks a lot. Lets not forget the scarlets. Btw: the STAY mp3 link is not working, can you solve this, smilster?

Sunday 07/16/2000 11:22:53pm
Name: Lorraine
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Glasgow
Comments: Thanks for the cool site! I'm another person who would like to know where they are today

Saturday 07/15/2000 9:16:42pm
Name: Jon
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: UK
Comments: Nice to see some webspace devoted to such a fantastic group. If anyone knows anything more about the current whereabouts of the guys please let us know.

Thursday 07/13/2000 10:41:57pm
Name: Stoo
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: Guildford
Comments: Nicely designed site Miles. Shame about the bands like, but hell, we can't all be perfect.

Name: Brendan Walshe
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Birmingham (of course)
Comments: A great job in a small space of time. You've been as good as your word and I wish you great success with the site, I hope to repay by helping in any way I can. This site has been worth the wait and not before time. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the dynamic duo, know's what they're doing, or maybe they're reading this right now....hmmm!....then get in touch straight away and put us all out of our misery.

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